makes available complete orchestral Bass parts. These are true and complete Bass parts from the standard orchestral repertoire - not excerpts. The parts have been transcribed and edited by a Bass player to optimize section performance and completely reset to improve legibility and playability. The following notation improvements are included:

  • Generously sized staves and notes
  • Scheduled page turns with “time”
  • Large, easy to find brackets for repeated sections and when at all possible, no page turns within repeated, D.C. or D.S. sections.
  • Standard rehearsal letters – and double sets where letters and numbers are common in other editions.
  • Spacing of notes in rapid passages allowing plenty of room for reminder accidentals, and extended stems on 16th and 32nd notes to improve legibility
  • Spacing between staves to provide room for you to add fingerings, phrasings, bowings, tempo comments, etc. Only limited bowings are provided.
  • Measure numbers

Bass parts from Bass parts from BS are intended to boost your confidence and joy in performance by eliminating distractions. The goal is to allow the performer to scoop up sufficient data at a quick glance to facilitate playing forward with both eyes on the conductor.

Music is now available in PDF format for immediate download.

Electronic Download

Ready for download in PDF format, the Electronic Editions allow you immediate access to the music for that last minute job or a quick refresher for rehearsal preparation. This format allows you to print your part yourself. The resolution of the files is more than sufficient for 10”x13” – the largest size that will fit comfortably on the music stand and in your folder.

Page numbers are included to guide layout – that is, if the first page number is “2” it belongs on the left side of the book, if it is “1” it belongs on the right side of the book and will have time for a page turn. Even numbered pages (2, 4, 6, etc.) are not optimized for page turns! A cover and numbered “blank” pages to facilitate page turns are included. Although the music is legible on office standard 8.5” x 11” paper, it is too small to comfortably allow “at-a-glance” use in performance. With the PDF format, your local quick print shop can be of assistance. Our Study Editions are printed on 13”x19” paper that is widely available. Our Library Editions require custom cut materials.

Study Editions

The Study Editions are our economy product, intended as an introduction to the Library Edition products. They are very slightly smaller than our Library Editions and are folded and stapled for binding (like your normal bass parts) instead of wire bound like our Library Editions. They are 9.5 inches by 13 inches on heavy paper without a stiff cover. While at first glance the Study Editions look like the usual parts supplied by your orchestra library, the significant difference is on the inside. The music is exactly the same in the Study and Library editions, just more durable in the Library Editions. The Study Editions are perfect for students and casual performers. Available to US addresses only.

Library Editions

The Library Editions are constructed for long service. They are printed on heavy high quality durable paper, have a heavy weight cover and wire spiral bindings to stay flat on the music stand. With minimal care, they should last through many years of your career and be a permanent repository of your peformance notes, bowings and reminders. All Library Editions are 10 inches by 13 inches in size. This size will fit in your music folder and perfectly on your stand. Because of binding limitations, Collections which exceed 20 pages are only offered in the Library Edition series. The Library Editions make a beautiful gift that will be appreciated for years. Available to US addresses only.

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